About Us

During the recession of 1998 my dad’s Insurance agency had to close its doors after 25 years of loyal service to his customers and community. At 45 years old, out of the only business he had ever known, making what he thought at the time was a comfortable living he was at a crossroads of what was coming next. After much thought, prayer, and research he decided to take the very last of his savings and open a retail mattress store. He always tells the story about the day he had his grand opening sale he was only left with enough money to buy a burger, fry and a drink for lunch that day. After 30 days he had paid himself back all of his startup money, after two years had multiple locations, after 5 years owned all of the buildings he was doing business out of out right, and after just 10 years retired a multi-millionaire. For most people this was hard to believe but for dad, it was just plain hard work and the ability to always be a winner. Those same ideologies are instilled in his children and to this day we continue to open and operate multiple stores and have been very successful doing so. Furniture/Mattress sales are one of the biggest industries in the US with Americans spending over $100 Billion dollars a year on furniture. Just to give you an example, spending in this industry ranks 3rd and beats out total combined spending at department stores, Air Travel industry, Hotel/Lodging Industry and even electronics and appliances. For Years we have been helping Business owners and new business owners to excel in this industry by giving them the tools needed to be the most successful retailer they can be. Our moto is to GoGoGo! and be the leading distributor of bedding product at the most affordable prices anywhere in the world and use these contacts to help other retailers lay a strong foundation for a long steady successful growth.