Why risk the unknown? Part of being an entrepreneur is risking an original investment, having the perfect strategy, yet failing due to reasons unknown. Sometimes those reasons could not have been prevented but why risk your hard earned money. We offer franchise stores that are turnkey and take the risk out of the un known. You can walk in and assume the business without risking anything. How does it work? You pay an upfront “franchise fee” then pay set monthly payments in order to continue to operate the business on a month to month basis. At any time you can walk away without the worries of law suits for not fulfilling your lease or any other type of contract penalizations. When Franchising a proven location you are guaranteed a profitable store that has been in operation for a minimum of three years so you don’t risk a loss of your initial investment due to the store never making it off the ground. Put your own spin on it and make it more profitable all the proceeds go in your pocket. Ready to start your own? NO Problem. Either continue to pay the monthly franchise fee or hand the store back over and simply walk away.

Pricing: Franchise Fee $20,000 Down & monthly payments of $4,000.00-$8,000.00 for life of franchise opportunity.

Franchise your own store in a new location or city and use our proven brand, Mattress Depot along with our proven method. Let us show you how to make your business successful by helping you every step of the way.

Pricing: Initial investment $40,000.00. Total Investment $80-$100K

We would love to give you more details, call us today to set up an appointment to give us a chance to show you how we can change your life.