Are your current salesman “order takers” or do they truly Sale potential customers? An “order taker” slashes the price off a product so far that they merely take the sale out of the equation and write tickets after devaluing your product. For over 100 combined years our family has been training salesman specifically to work in the retail Furniture/Mattress business. Furniture/Mattress sales are not for everyone. It takes a special salesman to work the long retail hours required to run and maintain a showroom. Your salesman MUST be able to close the customers on their first visit to your store and not wait on the “be backs” because we all know “be backs” equal lost sales. This is why it is difficult to find salesman and more importantly keep salesman from running off to the next job that comes along. Let us train your people and teach them how to become a true salesman that maximizes profits, not one that is just an “order Taker” as I like to call it.

  • 1 Day Session $500.00
  • 5 day Session $2,350.00
  • 10 day Session $4,500.00 (Recommended as this salesman would be able to manage a store with a very high output level)
  • *We guarantee salesman to gain additional sales tactics and have additional knowledge within session time limit than he had before session. We don’t guarantee the caliber of your salesman as they can only learn/sale/ and produce to their ability within their own limits.

Buy a Salesman
If you are currently looking to open a new location but dread having to find a new sales person or just looking to maybe hire a new sales person because your current “order taker” knows you don’t have a trail of folks lining up at the door to take on this position. Hire one of our proven, trained, hungry sales staff. Take your store and your life back! After all, even though sometimes it doesn’t feel like it, your employee works for you not the other way around. This salesman would work directly for you and we guarantee one year of high output service or we will replace with another salesman of same caliber or greater.

Pricing: $7,000.00 (This salesman is guaranteed turnkey. Give him a key to your store and he will manage this store, maximize profits and be a top closer.)